If you are just a writer, stick to Medium

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In February this year, I moved most of my medium posts to my new WordPress blog that focuses on android development to add some content to it and have some experience with WordPress as I was planning to grow it in the long term.

I have not written many articles…

Interfaces, dependency injection, and more

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Object-oriented programing is the basis of almost all great applications nowadays. Because of its great flexibility, it has become the design pattern of choice for many developers.

One of the things that make object-oriented programming so great is the ability to communicate data between objects, and there are many different…

5 concepts every beginner in android should know before diving into the code

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The Android system is made up of many components which handle many different things, but so far as android applications are concerned, five major components stand out in their versatility and widespread use, one literally can’t create an android application without using at least two of these components and therefore…

Why you need a monster computer as a professional developer

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Why Do You Need a Powerful Computer to Develop Your Apps?

One aspect of programming that can be overlooked by developers is what type of machine they should use on their continuous journey as a developer (emphasis on the word “continuous”).

Sometimes, for budgetary reasons, developers will get the machine they can afford for themselves or their teams, without looking into…

A guide to freedom from beliefs that do not serve and becoming your true self

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Have you ever wondered, what if all I believe is a lie? In my case and experience, it was unfortunately true.

All human beings are born into a certain socio-cultural aspect of life; this usually includes a predefined set of beliefs and traditions which all came into practice at some…


Your code for working with media files is no longer the boilerplate type

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As an Android Developer, when it comes to accessing media files present on Android devices, it could quickly become troublesome if you don’t have that much experience with the android architecture for handling files, especially When things got complicated with the coming of android 10 and the forced adoption of…

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